Orphans of Ghana Poster – PR Item

Santa Fun Run

Area of work Orphans Of Ghana
Item name Santa Fun Run
Client Orphans Of Ghana
Date undertaken December 2013
Type of work - Designing poster- Creating poster
Strategy Create an encouraging and informative poster to be sent via email
Objectives Encourage individuals and businesses to take part in a charity run to raise money for Orphans Of Ghana
Tactics  –  Liaising with Charity director to ascertain key messages as well as details      about target audience- Create media list of companies and individuals to be targeted with the poster

– Design the poster, consulting with the director

– Creating the poster


Target audience Particularly large companies and schools to encourage a large amount of participants of all ages
Involvement  50% involvement with creating Media List. Complete involvement in designing and creating poster 
Evaluation Overall and affective execution of what needed to be achieved. Difficult to evaluate how affective the poster was as it is the first time advertising the run with no previous experience to compare to.
Reflection On reflection, I am overall happy with the work that I have done on this project. Difficulties have been that it was hard to create something informative whilst also being attractive and eye catching. However, I am happy with the final result, with great feedback from the client. 

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