EMS Brochure -PR Item

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Area of work Mercury Marketing
Item name EMS Brochure
Client EMS
Date undertaken January 2014
Type of work - Researching content- Write brochure content
Strategy Complete re-brand of the company, incorporate all the same messages and values in a new and attractive way
Objectives Create awareness within communities of what EMS do for people locally
Tactics  –  Researching around the topics-  Choosing appropriate images for each page

–  Writing brochure content

Target audience Targeting the local communities
Involvement  Full involvement with researching and writing the brochure content
Evaluation Overall and affective re-branding of the company. Previously had no brochure, this one will last the company for future years
Reflection On reflection, I am overall happy with the work that I have done on this project. Difficulties have been that it was hard to contemplate writing a full brochure on topics I had previously not known about. After thorough research I enjoyed learning and writing the content, and pleased with how it turned out



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