My motivations have become much more specifically driven towards certain goals since studying and gaining experience within the PR Industry, both inside and outside of my University experiences.  Throughout my time so far I have adapted to focus much of my attention towards concentrating on my future goals after University, realising that the more productive I am with my time and priorities will help to steer me in a more successful direction towards my career.

My writing skills I brought with me at the start of my studies have continued to improve throughout my time at university. I have learnt that to be a successful student it takes time and effort outside of allocated study times to read and write around the subject, and it is the only way to improve. Creating this blog has allowed me the opportunity to practice my writing skills and has also abled me to summarise what I have learnt. Working on group projects at University and presenting to a group has broadened my confidence in front of an audience, forcing me to become comfortable and confident in my own abilities, and proud to show my own work.

I have become much more confident in seeking the experiences relevant towards my degree and future career. Gaining experiences on placement opportunities has been a huge contribution towards my confidence about my abilities, and my passion about the concept of working within the PR Industry. Before beginning my first work placement within a local PR agency I had no real ideas behind what a typical day within the PR Industry consisted of, and soon learnt there is no such thing as a typical day in this quickly evolving industry.

I am now confident that I am dedicated and passionate about working within the PR Industry, and hope that will become a reality post completing my degree. I would like to take my hobbies and passions outside of study and incorporate them with a career in PR, possibly aiming towards Sports and nutrition PR. After completing this semester I have successfully organised work experience with M&C Saatchi Sports PR agency, followed by a year’s placement at Hatch Communications. I hope that these give me insights into the sports PR industry, helping me to realise if sports PR is the direction I want to head in for the future.

I have no intentions of limiting myself to any specific areas of Public Relations if I find different opportunities to take part in. Throughout my development as a student I have learnt that unexpected projects can result in the most rewarding, informing and exciting experiences. I spent time working for an agency who had clients and projects of all different natures, I soon came to find that I developed interest due to the nature of a PR driven job, as PR professionals we are aiming to connect, communicate and form relationships, which is exactly what happened.

Stepping outside the classroom and putting the theories I have studied into practice has taught me that as a student I learn successfully by incorporating Kinaesthetic learning. I feel my development has become much more rapid due to physically engrossing myself in Public Relations through work experience opportunities. I have also come to understand my preferred learning styles; interactive sessions such as the seminars have abled me to communicate any queries and opinions, which I feel has really helped me to better understand what I have been taught.

University has given me the independence as a student that will progress me throughout my time after the completion of my degree. I have learnt that the level of work put in equals the rewards that come out of anything I take part in.



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