M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment Experience

I have recently come back from a 2 week experience in London, working at M&C Saatchi Sport and Entertainment. Located in Golden Square in the heart of Soho, right around the corner from Wholefoods and the Rapha cafe, its safe to say its a cool place to work.

Obviously before my first day i cured my nerves with a green smoothie in the sun outside Wholefoods then headed up to the office to be shown my desk. Catching up on the emails sent out socially to the Sport and Entertainment floor, I soon realised how cool the clients, projects and events these people get to work on everyday were in comparison to anything I have ever been exposed to on any placements back home.

My experience didn’t start with any of the glamorous jobs i could hear and see around me, I was addressed as ‘workie’ via email, and got the unfortunate tasks of delivering parcels across the road, and taping up a few boxes up, everyone really does have to start somewhere. By the end of the first week i started to work on things that have given me experience in areas i will use in my future professional career in PR, such as ringing up fashion journalists of big magazines, and putting together galleries to send them.

The first week was possibly one of the most tiring weeks of my life, and thats coming from someone who consistently trains about 12 hours cardio per week! (I only managed one run and 4 small spin sessions throughout my time in London). Coming from Yorkshire with the luxury of a student timetable, working the none-stop hustle of London full time with a long commute to and from work was a real challenge, but now I feel as though I am itching to go back!

It wasn’t just a different experience working for a company of such a large successful scale, but experiencing working life in London is completely different to anything you could expect from up North. It defiantly has many negatives, but there is just so much going on with so many opportunities, it’s hard not to get the London bug (even if it is quickly overshadowed by how expensive it is, and how difficult it is to train and live a healthy balance).

One night after work we went up The Shard for a drink, another we enjoyed Burger and Lobster (a favourite of mine) in Soho, and spent another evening having drinks with friends in South Kensington, followed by many other nights of getting home from work late and tired, cooking the same meal we had eaten 3 days in a row prior, a total love/hate relationship for living and working in London.

Despite the good and the bad, I loved the experience I got and feel really lucky to have got the opportunity to gain experience for such a successful PR company, I know it has defiantly motivated me to steer my career in the direction of working for M&C Saatchi, or one of a similar scale in the future.


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