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Originally I started this blog for a graded Uni assignment, if you look back at earlier posts you may wonder why I have a portfolio of PR work and an academic reflection, that is why. I thought this was embarrassing even if I really secretly enjoy writing it! I literally spend any spare time I have on an evening, (never enough) scrolling through my favourite blogs, so I have decided to try my best to update anyone that is interested about my lifestyle and training through my blog.

If you know me then you are probably aware that I can be an incredibly obsessive and stubborn person, which is why I am so keen on endurance sports. I am currently in London on a placement year with only 6 months left. By August I will have moved back home for my last year of Uni, which will be the start of my training year for a half and full IRONMAN.

For anyone that doesn’t know what an IronMan is, it is an endurance event that consists of a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, followed by a marathon, 26.2 miles. I have been itching to do one since I first watched my dad do IronMan Bolton 2 years ago, they are the most inspiring things you could ever watch! I even feel the same way when watching a marathon, it is so incredible to see people as they go through different stages of the mental and physical battle of an endurance event, and still find immense pleasure at the same time.

I have done triathlons at sprint and olympic distance, both I felt were over before I could get into my strength. I did the Gran Canaria Marathon (please see earlier posts) last January, and it was without a doubt the BEST day I have experienced yet. I will admit it was probably a lot to do with winning my age group and standing on a podium with a trophy! Weirdly the best feeling is how exhausted and sore your full body is, feeling that you have put every bit of what you’ve got into training and racing, and it paying off.

My next event is the London Marathon which I got in on good for age from my Gran Canaria result, I will be posting about my upcoming training (once I have properly recovered from my groin injury, which is driving me insane), a long with some nutrition and recipe posts, and some of what I get up to on my placement at Harrods and my year in London!


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A perfect example of the physical pain from endurance events..



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