Spirulina Breakfast Bowl

I first got into spirulina after reading Scott Jurek’s book; Eat and Run. Scott Jurek is an American Ultrarathoner, winning many highly regarded races such as the Hardrock Hundred. I couldn’t put the book down and it sparked a huge interest for me about the vegan diet. Scott is confident that his diet is key to his impressive performances, and is motivated by the belief that poor nutrition lead to the illnesses that members of his family had experienced.

Some of my favourite dishes to cook have come from his book, especially his Vegan chilli, which I will make sure to post if anyone is interested. Eat and Run shares Scott’s recovery smoothies which contain spirulina, a natural algae which is incredibly high in protein and iron, making it a fab aid to recovery after tough training sessions. I have also read that it is an incredible natural anti-inflammatory, perfect for athletes!

I love a good smoothie, but for breakfast I like to be able to sit down and feel like it is a proper meal, which is why I created the spirulina breakfast bowl.. just don’t be put off by the colour! – For anyone looking into buying some, I use Naturya Organic Spirulina which I buy from Amazon.


2 cups of chopped frozen banana

1 cup of frozen berries (I use raspberries)

1 table spoon of spirulina

2 dates

1 table spoon of chia seeds

6 table spoons of coconut milk or almond milk

Blend  all of the ingredients in a food processor or a good blender, serve with strawberries, seeds and nuts (optional) and enjoy!

Em x


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