Weekend Training

I got the pleasure of going home again this weekend for one of my best friends 21st’s! I had such a fab weekend that not only involved some fun with my best group of girls, but some great training with my favourite training partner (my dad!)

As I have mentioned in all of my most recent posts, I have been suffering from a groin injury which has resulted in over 3 weeks resting from running or biking, which is really not ideal with a marathon coming up! The last week I had noticed a big difference and was really hoping I would be able to get a run in at home by the weekend. I prepped my usual breakfast (see previous post for recipe details), and got ready with the hope of managing a steady 14 miles to ease myself back in!

Wooohooo, I am defiantly ready and recovered to start training again! It was a really tough run due to the ground, if we weren’t struggling through thick mud or snow, we were sliding on ice.. it was hard going on our legs and a true test for my groin! The run also started off badly when I realised my legs were cold.. because my water belt had leaked the whole bottle down myself and I was soaking!¬†We recovered post run with a thick green shake, (avocado, kiwi, kale, spinach, banana, berries, ginger).

On the sunday I could feel my tired legs after the 3 weeks off! Despite the DOMS and the cold weather, me and Dad decided to take the bikes for a spin! It was a beautiful but cold day today, such a good combination for biking.. I wish I could have recovered with one of my mums Sunday roast’s but I had a train back to London to catch!

Em x

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