Wish List!

I have a serious shopping problem when it comes to buying whole foods, clothes and sports wear! I literally waste sooo much of my limited spare time scrolling through sites and making shopping bags full of things that I really can’t afford! It really hasn’t helped this year that my placement is working at Harrods.. not only do I want the whole of Shoe Heaven, all of this seasons Chloe and Stella McCartney, but I also have the torture of the sports floor to deal with, (hosting Asics and Sweaty Betty.. oh and Stella McCartney for Adidas!)

I spend so much time in active wear that I find it really easy to justify the need for new kit! It is only typical that I picked a hobby that contains not one, but 3 sports worth of clothes to buy for.. not to mention the gym work that comes with it to add for a fourth!

Just incase anyone out there wants to buy me a gift, or wants some new purchases themselves, here is my wish list for the week,

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– Rapha jersey with arm warmers

– Sweaty Betty bra

– Every Second Counts vest

– Castelli bib shorts

– Asics top

– OMM running jacket

– TYR swimsuit

– Sweaty Betty top

– 2XU Tights

– Lexie Sport Tights

Em x

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