Foodie Review: Tanya’s

Everything at Tanya’s is raw living, plant-based, hand-picked, organically grown, ethically sourced, and free from refined sugar or gluten – obviously I’m going to LOVE it!

I have seen Tanya’s mainly on Instagram and have been desperate to try it! I woke up with a cold on friday morning, had a late friday night and knew I needed the energy to move house on saturday afternoon.. and recover enough to get a long sunday run in! What better way to recover then with a hearty and healthy lunch with one (or two) smoothies.

Tanya’s is held in a hotel within walking distance from South Ken, it is absolutely beautiful inside with a conservatory roof providing lots of natural lighting. I love bright spaces, and it was also full of plants and fab inspirational quotes written around the place.. such a healthy environment to be in.


We arrived just after the breakfast menu but before the lunch one had started, a good excuse for a pre lunch smoothie and a chance to decide what to eat when everything sounded amazing! I had the ‘My Glow’ smoothie to start with – my doctor juice, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry and acai berry powder. How delicious and fruity!


I really need to learn some control when it comes to eating and drinking, It disappears as soon as it is brought to me! After hearing the staff recommendations I went for the superfood salad: half an avocado in superfood seed mix over spiralised veggies, wild rocket and lemon tahini sauce. Lucky for me my best friend and lunch date let me mop up all her left overs from the Detox Salad: probiotic sauerkraut, sprouts, lemon, tahini and kale fibre crackers. I also may have ordered myself a ‘Sweet Surrender’ milk: cacao, hazelnut milk, medicine flower, dates, salt and vanilla. Feed a cold, starve a fever.. right?

IMG_1244 IMG_1246 IMG_1245

I enjoyed this lunch so much and defiantly need to go back to try the desserts, I can’t believe I actually left without one!

Em x

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