Big Ballet

Last night i sat down with my hot chocolate to watch channel 4’s new reality programme about plus-size ballerinas.

Professionals Wayne Sleep and prima ballerina Monica Loughman are training a group of larger women to dance the famous performance of Swan Lake.

Without wanting to be offensive or ignorant to these women, i disagree with the whole concept of the programme. I’m not belittling anyones talents, it was clear from the first episode that these women were talented and work hard at ballet, but having danced from a young age for companies like The Royal Ballet, ballet is more then just talent.

Ballet is a lot about partner work, which is why ballet dancers are the size that they are. It is a discipline to remain that petite, and something that they work hard for.

Being a petite 5″4 size myself, it would be unreasonable of me to expect to become a sumo wrestler, and i feel this is a similar sort of area in discussion.

A lot of the women featured were bigger then what we would call ‘plus-size’ or ‘real women’. In my opinion the programme was glorifying these women’s unhealthy lifestyle choices, giving out opportunities that they didn’t necessarily deserve.

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