Runner Problem’s

1. You have now accepted that the few toenails you have left, are probably black anyway. Say goodbye to sandals and say hello to painting onto your skin to pretend that you have nails there. Marshall Ulrich (amazing ultra runner) had all of his surgically removed! Marshall- we get it.

2. When you get to a hill on your steady weekend run with your buddies, you are indeed listening to their breathing and deciding whether, if you wanted to, you could drop them at this point. You also take pleasure in this and forget about how painful this hill is 12 miles into your run.

3. After your long run you literally don’t stop eating from the minute you come home. And you’re super mad if your mum forgot the avocados!

4. when you get asked what you did at the weekend and you respond, “Not much, did a nice 18 mile run and went out for tea, then I biked on sunday”, you are now officially known as a nutcase to all none-runners. This is something you come to accept, and should refrain from saying how little training you’ve done this week..nobody will understand.

5. When you calculate how much you have spent on the necessary¬†different pairs of trail, race, training and gym trainers and realise how many pairs of Louboutin’s you could have had! I die.

6. The most annoying thing in the world is when you’ve forgotten your garmin, its broken or you forgot to charge it. Yes I know how far I ran but I need my Garmin connect calendar to prove it!

7. An ideal weekend would be a trip to the lake district to get in some good hills and food. How old am I again?

8. When you make any plans for the weekend you have to factor in when your long run will take place. You will even go as far as using a precious holiday day from work to fit in a long run because you’re going to Paris for the weekend. You consider taking your trainers to Paris but feel that your boyfriend will not appreciate being left in the hotel room for 3 hours.





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