Home from Holiday

Hola! I am home from my holidays, and not exactly in the healthy state I expected to be from 9 days of sun, training and fresh fish.. with the occasional coconut ice-cream!

It was sooo nice to have a break from work and spend some time with my family. Me and my Dad went to the gym, made trips to the 50 meter pool, did some amazing runs up into the mountains, and I even did a surfing lesson! – I was absolutely ridiculously rubbish!

By Saturday we were in no position to give up our long run, given that we both have a marathon coming up. We set off before the sun came out, and did 18 miles straight up and straight back down.. climbing over 3000 feet! Safe to say it was a tough session! After we got back and had our mandatory home made green shakes, we headed out with my Mum and Brother to grab a bite to eat.

I am really into sea-food and couldn’t help but get a squid salad, knowing how high in protein it is and thinking it was a great post-run choice. I couldn’t have been more wrong on this occasion! Not only did I get a really bad case of food poisoning, but it lead to Gastroenteritis- inflamed intestines. Not only have I spent the last 6 days in bed, struggling to hold down any foods or liquids, but my stomach also looks about 6 months pregnant!

I am about 10 days away from my marathon and still not quite out of bed or handling food.. I am not sure what this means yet and still going to see how things go! Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

Em x

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