Nama Review

So this week I have been tapering for a little race at the weekend known as the London Marathon! ah! Tapering has been a fab excuse to try a restaurant I have been wanting to go to for ages, I have to fuel up don’t I??

So me and my amazingly, crazy beautiful Aussie pal who shares my love for all things health and fitness decided to go to Nama in Nottinghill. YOU NEED TO GO TO NAMA. It is sooo good! We had to ponder over the menu and send the waiter away for ‘a few more minutes’ about 5 times, despite having discussed the menu for about a week before!

Finally we made the decision to get Zucchini pasta, I went green pesto and Matilda opted for tomato, and obviously we had to test each others out. Both were absolutely delicious and I would recommend both, I also eyed up everyone else in the restaurants food.. all looking and smelling equally delicious!

You just can’t go to a place like that and not have a dessert, that would just be so wrong. Between the two of us we got the blueberry cheesecake and chocolate ganache. I also wanted a smoothie but the waiter said it would probably all be too much food (he clearly doesn’t know me and my appetite, next time I will get the smoothie too!) Both desserts were incredible and I could have eaten 5 times over.

We both came to the decision that for a cool Nottinghill located, healthy, raw, delicious foodie spot, it was fairly reasonably priced in comparison to most – (if you’re going to charge £7 for a peanut butter smoothie, it better be good!)

So Nama definitely ticked the boxes and we plan to go back, but first we have a big long list of fitness and foodie adventures to review, watch this space!

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Em x

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