A taste of Class Pass – Week 1

I was still back in Yorkshire on monday for the bank holiday weekend, so I didn’t actually start my month of class pass until Tuesday.. a shorter week to recap on.

If you follow my blog you are probably aware that I am a triathlete and so my training usually revolves swim/bike/run, with the odd gym session when I can find the time. I decided after just recently doing London Marathon that it was a good time to have a month off my normal training routine, to mix it up and also for an excuse to see more of London and try new things!

My first class on tuesday eve was an uppers session at 1Rebel, a combination for treadmill speed and hill intervals, with ‘shapers’ weighted and high intensity movements for the arms and full body! Basically  a HIIT 45 minute blast session to great music with an energetic trainer. I enjoyed it so much iv done two already in my first 6 days of class pass! I also have to add, the showers are the dream! GHD’s, moisturiser, cleanser you name it.

I also went to More Fit in Bank for a ‘super legs’ session, basically a small group session with a PT. I am really really lazy when it comes to gyming my legs because I really struggle to do tough runs or bikes if I’m waddling like a penguin from a gym session! Plus, id rather be able to run a marathon then look good doing a squat.. but I guess maybe I should be doing both! So at this leg session I didn’t have a choice, it involved a lot of weighted squats, lunges and deadlifts which has been a shock to my pins.. It made my weekend run a bit tougher for sure!

Friday I went west to Bootcamp Pilates Fulham for a session on those crazy looking reformers. For a clumsy person I felt very on edge about this, especially when I stepped off the machine by route of the moving platform and nearly broke my neck! I survived and really enjoyed it, it is such a different type of training to what I’m used to but I felt like its something that would compliment tri training really well to strengthen, avoid injury and aid my flexibility.

Excited to start a new week of different classes!

Em x

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