Getting creative on placement

On my recent placement I got to work closely on a full re-brand of one of their clients company, EMS is a registered charity based in Hull that offers a range of services and environmental projects that hope to bring about a more involved and connected community.

The company was established in 2009, and little had been done to innovate their website, brochure and overall brand since then. I was able to attend meetings with the client throughout the early stages of the development; even able to offer my own opinion and thoughts about the visual characteristics their new look should take.

I was given the responsibility of writing the brochure content promoting the charity, what if offers and the impact of their commitment. It was a daunting task considering I wasn’t familiar with what exactly alternative energy projects consist of. I spent a lot of time researching and learning, surprised at how interested in the subject I became.

Seeing the brochure after it had been to print and knowing that it is intended to be with the company for the next five years was a satisfying achievement, and something I am proud to put in my portfolio.

Alongside the brochure I was asked to plan and create a storyboard for the new promotional video, which was to be displayed on YouTube and the company website ( It was a creative and visual PR piece to be given, and I took pleasure in seeing how my sketches and ideas were then turned into the video.

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