Evolution of PR – How Public Relations is adapting to the digital media landscape

The media landscape of today is notoriously fickle, companies have had to adapt on a huge scale throughout the last decade to prevent their business from suffering against new technologies and innovative platforms on which we are now expected to operate on.

The rise of social media has changed the way in which PR professionals operate, i came across this info graphic via http://www.inkhouse.net/the-re-imagining-of-pr/, which portrays how PR has changed over recent years:

Beth Monaghan wrote a blog post in 2013 about the re-imagining of PR, stating that In the midst of all of this, social media, the darling of the blogsphere, changed everything again. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, in particular, have ushered PR into the era of authentic discourse. Press materials have turned into social content and briefings into conversations. It’s not about scripting the dialogue (although we do scrutinize our press releases much more closely since they are often reprinted verbatim!), but about participating in the conversation.’  

‘Beyond the mechanics of how we communicate with audiences, the heart of good PR has been, and will be the same. We must offer unique and relevant viewpoints that are rooted in authority. Relationships matter and are fueled by our credibility and our authenticity. Getting there first only matters if we’re prepared. Finally, and most importantly, our jobs are ultimately to tell great stories.’

I think the info graphic emphasises the firm position PR holds still within today. Despite how quickly our tools of communication are adapting, it does not take a way the need to communicate- and in my opinion only enforces the roll of PR professionals. Agreeing with Stephen Waddington, ‘Public relations is no longer defined by media relations. It shouldn’t ever have been. It’s a strategic management discipline focused on building reputation by promoting mutual understanding. I tell anyone that will listen that there has never been a more exciting time to work in our business.’

Whilst researching the topic of interest i came across an interesting post on PR Moment, http://www.prmoment.com/2568/social-and-digital-are-more-important-than-media-relations-say-pr-buyers.aspx about social and digital becoming more important than media relations. It was an interesting post with good use of info-graphics to show its findings and statistics, coming to the conclusion that this year will be the tipping point for social and media relations.

Research found and stated in the blog post says that 60%  expect to be blogging more, and more are involved in social and digital activities (92 per cent) than media relations (84 per cent).  PR is evolving and adapting to the digital media landscape, only making it much more exciting for professionals in the industry.


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