PR project.. and why we should run

Just before Christmas I started doing a bit of PR work for a charity called Orphans of Ghana. The charity is a non-profit organisation primarily set up by volunteers, aiming to support children who are victims of poverty.

The charity asked me to put together a poster that could be sent round to organisations and companies, advertising and encouraging people to get involved in a Christmas themed fun run, with the proceeds going to the orphans in Ghana.

This seemed perfect for me, incorporating PR skills with an interest of mine; running. I was given free reign with how the poster should look as long as it included the date and location. This is what I came up with:

Santa Fun Run

Putting together the poster really made me think about the positives that come with these events. Not only are they raising money for a good cause, but the health benefits and general buzz you get from an organised event.

It’s becoming more apparent in the media this year that Britain is facing an obesity epidemic, and something needs to change. I am a huge advocate of healthy lifestyle, its becoming increasingly popular iv noticed on Instagram and other social media sites to post  #healthylunches and #gympics, this can surely only be a good thing for the obesity issue? I find it a difficult subject to deal with. On one hand I’m infuriated with peoples ignorance towards their health, but the medias encouragement of trends such as the thigh gap is equally if not more unnerving.

Society and the media really need to find a balance between promoting eating disorders, and advertising packaged meals with ingredients unknown and unpronounceable.

I’m going off the topic. My point was originally meant to be about the positives of training for events such as charity runs. I think its great that the gym is becoming more and more popular, however (being a biased endurance event enthusiast who only leaves 1-2 hours of training for strength and weights sessions), I cant help but feel the benefits of cardio are quick to be forgotten about now that ‘strong is the new skinny’. I totally agree with this inspirational quote, id rather look like Bella Bayliss then Alexa Chung, and admittedly this seems more achievable in the weights area then its does on Paula Radcliffe’s training plan, but I think people need to start looking beyond the vanity and start doing things for the health benefits on the inside, not just for the physical benefits of their next gym selfie.

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