Video Interviews – How Public Relations is adapting to the digital media landscape

Today i had my first experience of a video interview, a revolutionary new interview technique being adopted by an increasing amount of organisations.

The interview lasted 10 minutes and consisted of three pre-recorded questions relevant to the role i had applied for- as PR intern at Harrods. I am a confident person who feels much more at ease presenting myself in person as opposed to through emails, which is how many of the early stages of interview begin.

The rate at which technology is advancing and how quickly companies are adapting and welcoming these new innovative ways to communicate both internally and externally never fails to amaze me. Over the last few months i have had the opportunity to converse in both formal and informal interviews over a range of platforms including telephone interviews, emails, and face to face, but hadn’t expected to be involved in a video interview through webcam.

I think video interviews are a great way to embrace the digital  and social media landscape that is now taking over the PR industry. Video interviews are a faster more efficient formula to eliminate candidates that are not appropriate for the position, allowing the employer to evaluate communication skills and personality at a much earlier stage of the interview process.

From both a candidate perspective and the organisations’ it is a cost effective alternative to commuting to an interview that may not be a success. Not only travel expenses, Video interviews free up much more time for the interviewer to spend more productively and allowing a more flexible approach to suit busy timetables.

Despite considering the positives surrounding the concept of an online video interview, having now experiencing one it has changed my personal opinion. As an aspiring PR professional i enjoy the basic human communication that comes with a face to face interaction. I have previously enjoyed the experience of meeting my potential employer and elaborating on their questions and my responses. I have found that interviews in person better allow me to form a relationship, and as a result answer more openly and confidently, exposing the full force of my personality.

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